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There are really two ways to look at rates - quoted and real. Many lenders today will give you a quoted rate. It is not necessarily a real rate. My goal is to help you make smart choices when selecting the right loan program and the right rate by integrating them into your overall financial strategy, providing you with the overall lowest cost of borrowing. 


The lowest quoted rate and the wrong strategy can actually end up costing you thousands more than a slightly higher rate with the right strategy.


 All mortgage lenders are subject to the same secondary market. No lender has a "monopoly" or "the best rates". There are no "special deals" or "cheap money", and portfolio lenders are usually in and out of the market. In fact, what is often perceived as a better rate is nothing other than modifications to standard loan programs and higher fees. 

A mortgage is the biggest piece of debt that you will probably ever have and you need to feel comfortable that the lender you chose has crafted the best overall terms, rate, program, but most importantly, strategy. 


What Are Mortgage Loan Interest Rates Today?

I will be happy to quote you a mortgage loan interest rate after I fully understand your complete financial situation as there are many variables that affect interest rates.


Some variables that affect mortgage rates:

  • Your desired loan term

  • Your credit score

  • The value and location of your home

  • The length of time at your home

  • Whether you opt to pay property taxes and insurance with your monthly loan payment or on another schedule

  • The length of time between your loan application and closing date


Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to check current interest rates for you! 

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